OctoFrost Link – Helping our customers grow

OctoFrost Link is an online platform where OctoFrost customers can find traders or companies interested to buy high-quality IQF products.

The app platform is meant to create networking and connecting opportunities. It allows our customers to be connected directly with their potential buyers. Customer focus is at the heart of the OctoFrost Link platform.

Today OctoFrost is not just a supplier of processing equipment, it has also become a trusted partner for customers and partners by helping them grow, develop and find new business opportunities.

OctoFrost Link coming to life

As market players are increasingly trusting the quality of OctoFrost Frozen products, more and more traders and wholesale buyers started turning to OctoFrost when looking for reliable suppliers of premium IQF products all across the world.

OctoFrost has understood that they could create a communication link between the demand and supply and this is how OctoFrost Link came to life.

How does it work

OctoFrost Link is an online platform where traders can find suppliers of OctoFrost Frozen products worldwide. Both OctoFrost customers and traders create their companies’ profiles, show their geographical location and mark the products they sell or buy. Users can put alarms for specific products of interest, or even post a request or a product announcement.

Both traders and IQF suppliers can connect directly through an internal message system. OctoFrost LINK is offered free of charge to all OctoFrost Frozen Processors and to all traders from all across the world.